DMR Planning & Development Ltd. was  established  in 1995. We specialize in urban planning, strategic consulting, public participation in planning, and in leading planning discourse. Our clients are various and include government agencies and ministries, local governments and authorities, nation organizations and major construction and development companies. DMR’s experience and expertise were developed along the years through a wide range of projects. We have developed unique  knowledge – both theoretical and practical and expertise which reflects our professional multidisciplinary world view.

About Us


Our Team

National, regional, local and neighborhood level plans, together with strategic processes; We are guided by principles of sustainability, a multi-disciplinary approach, a drive for public participation in all plans, up to date methods and a sensitivity to the locality and its community’s unique character. Leading every plan and project as an opportunity for development, accumulation of knowledge , discourse and learning.

Over more than 20 years of experience, We have established a professional “spirit”, a characteristic “line” and a mixture of unique expertise; these lead to the added value of the management and leading of planning processes and its products.

  • Multi-disciplinary Planning

    We cater and advocate a holistic approach to planning by connecting the physical, social and financial aspects of the profession, thus creating up-to-date models of growth and development. We specialize in managing intricate multi-disciplinary planning teams while incorporating into the process our unique world views.

  • Planning which takes in various scales

    We have a well practiced expertise in planning processes on national, regional and local levels. Thus culminating in statutory and strategic plans, programmatic and master plans, policy and opinion papers on various current planning issues.

  • Good planning is getting through to everyone

    We promote planning which improves living environments. This planning style requires us to identify and leverage the unique opportunities for growth throughout the country, in variety of cities, communities, sectors and organizations.

  • Opening circles of participation

    We lead processes of public participation in planning, dialogue and consultation, providing input to the general process and its products. We promote and encourage transparency, involvement and the expansion of local circles of knowledge.

  • Methodology which leads to practice

    We develop planning and strategic processes producing accumulative knowledge and cutting-edge tool sets for better decision making, approval of plans and their implementation.

  • Reaching out to new grounds

    We develop new planning frameworks and programs for specific target audiences (children, youth, elderly people, women etc.) as opportunities for initiative and innovation using unusual anchor points, e.g. music, education, culture, sport, health and many more. We believe that this potential, among others, exists in any place, subject and community.

  • Friendly and up to date products

    We combine clear writing, friendly and legible mapping and contemporary graphic, making sure our planning products are presented in the most up-to-date patterns.

  • Sustainable planning and development

    We We have well practiced expertise in sustainable planning and development; producing plans and programs which promote sustainability in a variety of  areas in rural and in urban plans.

  • Planning sensitive to social aspects

    We expertise in combining social aspects in statutory, strategic and programmatic planning processes; integration of social considerations in formalization of urban renewal processes, and in planning adapted to the defined needs of target audiences.

DMR’s team is comprised of senior planners with knowledge and experience from across a myriad of  disciplines – including planning, architecture, geography, sociology, urban design and public administration.

DMR’s administrative staff is comprised of an office manager and a book keeper.

DMR also regularly employs students at advanced stages of their academic studies. Our approach is that a student’s fresh and young way of thinking produces innovation and initiative which can only benefit the company. Likewise, we see the importance in raising the next generation of professionals. Some team members began their careers as students in DMR.

Dr. Ronit Davidovich-Marton

Founder and CEO of DMR completed a PhD in Town and Regional Planning from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, at the Technion - the Israel Institute of Technology. Ronit’s doctoral thesis dealt with Contextual Planning. In the early 1980’s Ronit managed and coordinated a coastal region renewal project along Israel’s shoreline and managed the Planning Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel and lectured at the Technion and Tel Aviv University.

Since its founding in 1995, Ronit has been the CEO of DMR Planning and Development.

With Ronit’s guidance, DMR has emerged as one of Israel’s leading planning firms. The business specializes in managing and leading statutory and strategic planning processes, complex and multi disciplinary planning projects, strategic consultancy to national government offices and local authorities, development of up to date and innovative planning models for urban and rural contexts, local, urban and regional programmes. DMR’s experienced in sustainable development and planning patterns opens up opportunities for optimal use of resources and local growth on the basis of comparitive advantages, the local DNA of a place and its unique characteristics. DMR is also well practised in the social aspects of planning and public participatory processes; creating and promoting public and professional discourse (in the framework of public, professional and academic conferences), owning a vast pool of accumulative knowledge and experience in implementation, providing visibility to planning and its products.

It is these specialties that form the basis for DMR’s activities and are reflected in the professional processes led by it - in an innovative manner, utilizing up to date knowledge, creative thinking and assembling these into practicable processes and products.

  • Noa Shvadron

    Architect and Planner

  • Hezi Cohen


  • Liran Raz


  • Tamir Hadary


  • Sharon Huri

    Office Manager

  • Anat Mazor-Tzedef


Our Code

We believe in the integration of values to professional knowledge and experience. Together, they facilitate matching a  each place, community and organization with the relevant steps, projects and ultimately – plan.

Every project and process is an opportunity to keep developing our accumulative knowledge and experience, to innovate and update, to encourage initiatives and to think outside the box.

We believe in the uniqueness of each individual, place and community, organization and service, and the potential for growth, self realization and the ability to lead innovation on the basis of comparative advantages and the its spirit.

The challenge is to lead and promote planning and strategic acts that encourage growth, initiatives and success, ultimately benefit the space and its environment – its past, present and future

What does urban and regional planning mean to us?


planning is often required to reflect a well defined world view of sustainability, long term thinking, optimal use of resources, all the while respecting the past and considering the future generations.

Relevant and essential to every city, district and country

every living environment, in every scale, requires management, constant maintenance, as well as, a “dream”, new challenges and policies that guide their development and resources allocation. Planning is bound to address all these aspects, guide them and facilitate their various needs.

An overall integrated treatment to every major aspect of our lives

the physical, social, financial, environmental and managerial aspects, especially the connection and synchronization between them. The quality of a place results from this multi-disciplinary mixture.

Comprehensive approach
The difference between leading change, innovation and development and being led

By various interests and reality necessities the planning practice requires channeling of different aspects into frameworks that prefer the long term and sustainable good of the public. On the contras, planning requires to lead to qualities which reflect common benefits which have long term profits.

Planning as leverage to initiatives and innovation

Cities, regions, environments and places require constant adjustments to the changing reality throughout our life-cycle, across cultures, communities and time.

Planning generates renewal

It creates the connection and balances between conservation and innovation, allowing the new to become part of the existing. The assets (social, environmental and financial) that a community accumulates are the foundation to its uniqueness and its added value, and planning has to leverage these qualities into future growth, using relevant methodologies and tools.

Planning should serve as a platform for public, professional and civic discourse

It’s relevant for everybody and deals with a variety of communities, fields of knowledge and other aspects of life. Therefore it makes room for opportunities, dialogue, dreams, wishes, values and different preferences. “How and in what kind of place would I like to live my life?”…



    • Statutory Planning

      Statutory master plans – written and drafted according to the Israel’s building and planning law. We specialize in managing statutory planning teams, as well as consulting to such teams on the local, regional and national level.

    • Master Planning / Policy Papers

      Multi-disciplinary master plans which are not legally binding, as their main purpose is to present visions, goals, and principles for future development. Often, these plans are used as the foundation for statutory plans, annual work plans, urban coalition building, and development agendas.  DMR is renown for its expertise in leading Master Planning and Policy Papers amongst a range of authorities, organizations institutions and regions.

    • Strategic Consulting

      We provide ongoing consulting services to various government agencies, local authorities, and other large and complex organizations. Constantly available and attentive to the client’s needs, we provide a variety of specialized consulting services: professional analysis and assessment, instruction and guidance, professional paper writing, development of new models, ad hoc strategic consulting etc.

    • Public Participation and Planning Discourse

      Planning which focuses on a defined target audience, in order to create opportunities, links, associations and optimal use of space and services. New approaches and methodologies to public participation and planning discourse on every scale and subject – together with expertise in social aspects of planning – allow us to update service patterns and simultaneously create comprehensive qualities in public space and the community.

    • Programmatic Planning

       Planning that is aimed to break down a certain approach into practical tools for its implementation, such as: layout, quotas, target audiences etc. We specialize in putting together programs using the most up-to-date technologies and tools.

    • Community / Social Planning

       Planning that focuses on specific and well defined target audiences with the intent of creating new opportunities, connections, services and the optimal use of space for them. These unique planning tools and technologies enable the constant updating of service patterns along the creation of new qualities in public space and the community.

    • Lectures and Instruction

      Leading various discussions, seminars, and lectures to senior decision-makers at the local and national level, concerning contemporary strategic concepts, growth patterns, technology, and new concepts in planning.