Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Jerusalem Municipality, Kiryat Hayovel, Strategic Plan for Children and Youth At Risk

The plan integrates urban planning and social work – as a model for optimal use of municipal resources in larger cities in working with disadvantaged groups. The plan emphasizes prevention and treatment in communities, through patterns designed reduce the number of children and youth at risk, while simultaneously improving the public realm, the neighborhood and the quality of community life. The planning process planning involves the development of operative models, a tool set and implementation patterns. The process is based on partnerships and multi-disciplinary approaches and is meant to lead to the development of tools in terms of services for children and youth at risk, services for neighborhood residents, children and youth in general, the quality of public space, the local community and its standing in the city.

  • kind of client

    Government Agencies/Municipality

  • client

    The Unit for Children and Youth, The Department of social services

  • planing team

    Dr. Ronit Davidovich-Marton, Liora Valdberg

  • date

    December 2011