Kfar Kara, Economical Development Pilot

The pilot is designated to supply a strategy, which combines analyzing, comprehension and practical work – concerning the economical development of the settlement. Thus, in line with an up to date view of economical development as an act that requires entrepreneur and comprehensive treatment, which highlights relative advantages while creating relevant and competitive supply to the settlement community and to the open market.

 Initiative leadership, optimistic social climate and the opening of social, economical and environmental opportunities – are used as a generator to economical growth – and are an integral part of a comprehensive and systematic model, which is being developed by D.M.R Company and Injaz Association – as a general model for economical growth in Arab authorities.

The models for economical development in the Arab sector are demanded to be of a pioneering and innovative nature – as a ground for a new phase, along with cooperation between authorities, government offices and the private and business sectors.

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  • client

    Injaz - Professional Center for Arab Authorities Promotion

  • planing team

    Dr. Ronit Davidovich-Marton, Arch. Shlomit Dekel, Tanya Avramzon

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