Ramat Gan – strategic plan

Ramat Gan municipality is leading the preparation of a strategic plan. The plan is designated to specify a comprehensive and interdisciplinary strategy, which will direct the municipality’s operation in the years to come. The Strategic plan is ‘a guiding compass’, which relates to the diversity of the city’s spaces and communities, and to the municipality’s diverse fields of operation: society, economy, environment, and physical planning. The process emphasizes simultaneous development alongside strategic planning and in assimilation to work programs, without compromising the entirety of the process, including the various steps and components, rigorous collaboration with the city’s leadership and management and through public participation. The strategic plan is broad, yet details recommendations to the varying subareas and neighborhoods. By that, it lays the foundation for further operative work and planning. This is Ramat Gan’s first strategic plan to be formulated. It will provide the city’s vision and goals with clarity understanding and sensitivity of the sociological, economical and managerial challenge that Ramat Gan is now facing in its regeneration process.

  • kind of client


  • client

    Ramat Gan Municipality

  • planing team

    Dr. Ronit Davidovich-Marton, arch. Michelle Oren, Michal Rubin, Alex Shvartzer

  • date

    August 2014